Seojeon Globe

Blue Ocean

It is easy to distinguish the nations by colors and standard for education.
It has ocean current and depth of the sea, capital and cities by sizes.


World Travel

It shows state of plant life : ice-cap, tundra, hot desert, taiga, forest and tropical grassland(savanna)
Detailed illustrations : World Heritage, animals, cultures and voyage routes.


Brown Ocean

The globe with brown ocean based on the political globe.
Its tone adds a touch of elegance to any environment.


Satellite Image

It is created from pictures of Earth taken by US NOAA satellite.
MOAA : National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
A real globe of Earth's physical features.

We Expert the globes to US, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Netherlands, Singapore and Japan.

SEOJEON GLOBE guarantees the best quality of globe.
- clear print, colors, updated name places straight latitude and longitude, stability and safety.