Seojeon Globe

Seojeon Globe has been dedicated to making a better globe since 1977 through diverse technologies and innovations, and geographical knowledge. We create the innovative globe in high-tech manufacturing and geographic content.

We are passionate about innovative globes and proud of making the educational products to create more added values in geographic globe.

Our aim has been designed to provide consumers and students with abilities to learn the geographical knowledge clearly, simply introducing better geographical facts of each country and the world. Even the mere reading of Seojeon Globe will make you a good geographer and induce you to touch the globe as frequent as possible until you feel the value of our globe as educational one.

Seojeon Globe is produced with an updated and unusual contents based on geography, geomorphology, geology, earth science, climatology, and oceanology. Through innovative, reliable geographic globe and content, today we span LED equipped globe, satellite image globe, smart globe with advanced technology, and more.

We will fortify innovative and capabilities in emerging globes such as internet connecting globe and LED Luminaires globe. We also intend to enhance our new business area in digital geographic content and service.

We hope Seojeon Globe’s constant innovation and change brings you the geographic knowledge and value.

Thank you.

Chairman & CEO
Tae-Hee Kim